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Sustainable Transport

In September 2013 Connecting Wiltshire was launched with the aim of making travel simple. The website provides transport information and services and gives practical tips on using different ways of travelling to improve health and wellbeing, and protect the environment we all live in.

Personalised travel planning

Personal travel planning is a technique people use to consider their travel habits and choices. Within the UK, Personal travel planning programmes have been seen to reduce car driver trips typically by around 11% and reduced the distance travelled by car by 12%. If you would like a personal travel plan please visit Connecting Wiltshire.

Walking and Cycling (Active Travel)

Physical activity such as walking and cycling can help combat rising levels of obesity which can lead to conditions such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease in adult life as well as helping to reduce noise, air pollution, and greenhouse gases associated with travel. Just half an hour a day of walking or cycling can halve the risk of developing heart disease.

Over half of the daily trips that people make are short and provide an opportunity for physical activity that is free and accessible. Wiltshire Council has set up a 'Get Wiltshire Walking' project that aims to get the people of Wiltshire active and motivate them. Walks are held every week for around an hour and are led by trained walk leaders. These walks take place in many different spots around Wiltshire and get people to take up walking as a frequent hobby. More details about where the walks are and information about them are on the Wiltshire Council website at Get Walking Wiltshire.

The Connecting Wiltshire website has a host of information on cycling in the country including cycle hire, cycle parking, cycle events, cycle groups and cycle maps.

Active & Sustainable Travel Tips

Wiltshire Council Health Trainers

Wiltshire Council 'Health Trainers' give information and support to people who want to improve their general health and make better lifestyle choices. If you want to become healthier but don't know where to start, a health trainer will be able to help you work out exactly what you want and how to go about it. They can offer a wide range of guidance and support on:

Health trainers are available in community areas across Wiltshire. If you would like to book an appointment to see a health trainer email or telephone 0300 003 4566 providing your name and address.  You will then be contacted by the health trainer who works in your area.

Public Transport and other sustainable travel options

Most people live within 6 minutes of their nearest bus stop and so taking the bus is easy for everyone. Taking the bus can take the stress out of your normal commute and is cheaper than filling up your car. Whilst you are not driving, it gives you extra time in your day to finish work or read the paper. Taking the bus will mean that you can fit daily exercise into your day by walking from the bus stop to the workplace. This will have various health benefits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Live bus information, timetables, routes, park and ride information is all available from the Connecting Wiltshire website.

Salisbury Park & Ride

Salisbury's Park and Ride offers a cheaper way to get into the city and offers free parking which is usually hard to find. There are five park and ride sites in Salisbury. They allow you to travel to Salisbury by car, park for free in secure car parks and complete your journey into the city centre by bus.

Wiltshire Car Share Schemes

This is a great way to half the bill of petrol and save money and means that fewer cars are on the road so there is less congestion and air pollution. This provides numerous health benefits to the public, especially those with respiratory problems. Connecting Wiltshire has teamed up with Liftshare, the largest implementer of car-sharing systems in the UK, to set up

Salisbury Car Share is a scheme set up for schools and businesses on Southampton Road in Salisbury and covers the wider south Wiltshire area. Members of the website saving on average £90 a month by car sharing and able to win prizes like a month's worth of free fuel for commuting purposes.

Hour cars Salisbury is a smaller but similar scheme for other residents of Salisbury